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Action Vehicles are able to offer a comprehensive service to assist you with all logistical requirements regarding your chosen picture vehicles. This service ranges from the simple transportation of vehicles up to international purchases, shipping, and importation.

Where Action Vehicles differ from all of our rival picture vehicle suppliers is in the fact that we operate our own dedicated fleet of multiple-vehicle transporters. These range from single vehicle covered transporters up to tri-deck transporters capable of carrying eleven vehicles at a time. All of our fleet are capable of transporting disabled or non-functioning vehicles. We also have specialist covered transporters designed for the transportation of the longest stretch limousine and even a 44ft semi-trailer that expands sideways to enable the carriage of “extra wide” vehicles. This particular transporter proved invaluable during the filming of “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”, allowing the Batmobiles to be transported to various locations without the need for any dismantling whatsoever. The benefits of this in terms of time saved were obviously enormous.

The main logistical advantage of operating our own comprehensive fleet of transporters is in the avoidance of “third-party” involvement and, therefore, total flexibility in relation to time. We have all experienced last-minute changes of plan due to weather, illness, re-shoots, etc. and Action Vehicles are specifically geared up to deal with these 11th hour changes!

All of Action Vehicles transporters are run under our International Operators Licence and we have VOSA issued permits to cover all vehicles travelling outside the UK.

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