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Vehicle Provision

Action Vehicles can supply any vehicle that you may require!


The core of Action Vehicles Ltd’s business is, of course, the provision of in-shot vehicles. Our Credits List shows the various film and television productions for which we have been the sole vehicle supplier and we hope, in many ways, that it speaks for itself.


Action Vehicles have many years experience in the provision of picture vehicles to every form of production. We are confident in our ability to service whatever requirement you may have, from a single vehicle to a complex multi-vehicle call.

The same professional approach is taken by Action Vehicles whether we are supplying an old Ford Fiesta for a commercial or a rare period Bentley for a major feature film. Hence the 24 hr availability of designated Action Vehicle staff to any production in which we are involved.

We offer a full workshop and engineering facility, enabling us to produce from design drawings a historically accurate replica where the original vehicle no longer exists.


With us, your production need not be restricted by any perceived problem with a required vehicle. Talk to us about it first. For instance, during the production of Casino Royale, the Miami Airport sequence called for the aircraft tug to reach a speed of 60 mph. The stumbling block to this was that these massive machines have a maximum speed of only 12 mph! No problem, we removed the drive train and engineered into place a 1000 BHP racing truck engine and different transmission. A 60 mph tug and problem solved!


We also operate fully fitted mobile workshops to provide instant back-up services on set. On occasion, these have been deemed critical enough to have been shipped around the world as location support.


Whatever your vehicle requirements, no matter how big or small, please give us a call. We would be very happy to discuss your project with you.

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